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We are now the Needham History Center & Museum!


    We are now the Needham History Center & Museum!

    Dear Friends,

    In 1711, there were but 45 households in Needham and just 21 family names.  By 1850, most of the town’s population was related through intermarriage.

    What has changed?  Needham has changed.  In the past two and half decades, new residents have accounted for nearly half of the Town’s population.  But the importance of families in Needham has not changed.

    So we have exciting news – a new name and logo! We are now the Needham History Center & Museum.  We want our name and logo to better represent us and the scope of our activities.  We want the organization to be seen as a public center for education and information, as a community partner, and as a resource for the town and schools.

    We want you to see a name and an image that welcomes anyone who wants to view an exhibit, hear a lecture, or participate in an event, whatever your age and however long you have lived in Needham.  We want you to see an image that recognizes that current events – tomorrow’s history – are also part of our mission.

    The Needham History Center & Museum remains focused on two principles:

    • All history is local and that large national events are rooted in the affairs and actions of small towns and communities like Needham
    • In order to foster engagement in the present Town of Needham we need to promote and develop an appreciation of the town’s past

    Through exhibits, programs, and outreach to the community, the Needham History Center & Museum is committed to understanding the value and the unique history of our town. With your support we will continue to find ways to engage and educate you as we grow together.

    We hope you will join in our excitement and help us plan for the next 10, 50, and even 100 years.  Thank you!