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The 2013 Annual Fund Drive


    The 2013 Annual Fund Drive

    We’re All In This Together!

    Needham is justly proud of its strong sense of community.  From Town Meeting to playgrounds, we all pitch in to get the job done.  

    And thanks to your support, the Needham Historical Society can do its part, working together to make an appreciation of our history a part of the current life of our community.   So whenever we can, we offer you our programs  at no charge, so everyone can join in –

    It is Your outstanding generosity and support that makes all these events possible.  We receive no funding from the town or the state – we rely ENTIRELY on tax-deductible donations from our members and friends.

    Your support of the Annual Appeal is a major source of our activity and strength.  So please, be as generous as you can.  Thanks!

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