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Teacher Resources for the 1850 Schoolhouse Day


    Teacher Resources for the 1850 Schoolhouse Day

    READ THIS FIRSTMoving the Schoolhouse Day into the Classroom

    Program Summaries (NHC&M): 
    … 1850 schoolhouse Day –
    … Schoolhouse Day program background –

    Textbooks – pdf copies of the McGuffey’s Readers for Grades 2-4 and the Spelling Book.  These are in the public domain, so copy the pages that you think useful for the lessons and add them to the copybooks.
    McGuffey Second Grade Reader (pdf)
    McGuffy Third Grade Reader (pdf)
    McGuffey Fourth Grade Reader (pdf)
    McGuffey Spelling Book (pdf)

    Books for you and the students to read together, to explain about one-room schooling and the expectations and manners of the day. There might be copies in the classroom kits (if still available) and there should also be copies in your school’s media enter.
    … A One-Room School by Bobbie Kalman
    … Classroom Games by Bobbie Kalman
    … One-Room School by Raymond Bial
    … My Great-Aunt Arizona by Gloria Houston

    A sample letter to parents about the schoolhouse program, and about food and clothing for the day .  Schoolhouse Day sample parent letter pdf)

    Schoolhouse Names – real Needham children who were between the ages of 5 and 12 in 1850, and a little bit of information about them
    Needham Students in 1850 (pdf)

    Schoolhouse Rules (pdf)

    This is the most comprehensive list of traditional children’s games that I have seen.  In keeping with the times in which they originated, there might be terminology in some that we would no longer use or encourage, so pick some good ones and print out the rules to take out to the playground.  Some of his Circle Games and Mental Games are good alternatives to outdoor recess if the weather is bad.

    Penmanship Resources – for both price and availability, I have been buying the pens and ink from Dick Blick art supplies. Since this is online, allow enough time for ordering. ( You will also need small cups or jars to use as inkwells – stable so they don’t spill!
    Pen holders – 70 cents each, or 56 cents for 12+
    Standard nibs – $1.27 each or $1.14 for 12+
    Higgins nonwaterproof sepia ink – $6.40 for 2oz bottle; this is dark ink, so I usually dilute it (2-3 parts water to 1 part ink). 1 bottle (diluted) should be more than enough for all the classes (2 bottles gets me through the whole district).