Needham History Center & Museum

Partnership with Needham Public Schools

Education is a major part of our mission, and we are happy to work with the Schools to provide content and information to current and developing curriculum programs. In addition to our beloved 1850 Schoolhouse Day, we have worked with teachers and schools at all levels to provide resources that enrich and expand classroom offerings, and introduce students to the resources and methods of historical research. 

District Wide

 Presentations and consultation with the Social Studies Curriculum Review Committee, the Racial Literacy Task Force, and the REAL Coalition on incorporating greater diversity into the Social Studies curriculum.

Elementary Schools

  • The 1850 Schoolhouse Day (Grade 3)
  • Needham Mapquest (Grade 3) 
  • About Pansies (Grades 3 and 4)
  • History Museum Scavenger Hunt (Grade 3)

Middle School

  • National History Day research projects
  • History of enslavement in Needham
  • Resources to incorporate a more diverse range of voices in the history curriculum (all Grade 8)

High School

  • National History Day projects (Grade 10)
  • Primary data for student research projects
  • Research and project information for the Greater Boston Project (Grade 12)
  • Community service internships
Female scouts posed in front of blackboard in schoolhouse