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34. the Emery Grover Building (1330 Highland Avenue)

The Emery Grover Building was built in 1898 as the first Needham High School. Prior to that time, high school classes were held on the top floor of the Kimball Primary School on School Street. The new school housed three classes (grades 10-12) of about 10-15 students each, three teachers, and a principal.  Unlike in the lower grades, the high school teachers had to be college graduates.

The archway on the south side was the boy’s entrance, and the archway on the north was for the girls. The High School used the building until 1924, when a larger new high school (the Highland Avenue School) was built on the adjacent lot to its north. The present High School was built in 1930, replacing both older buildings. The Highland Avenue School served as Junior High School for a while, and then both it and the Emery Grover held overflow classes from the high school and junior high. The Emery Grover Building now houses the School Administration’s offices.

Emery Grover (1842-1920) was a lawyer and judge. Judge Grover (as known) also served in numerous town offices, especially as Selectman and for a long time as a member of the School Committee. It is for his dedication to the schools that the School Administration building was named after him.

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