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33. the Appleton Temporary Home for Inebriates

The masthead of the Appleton Home’s monthly newsletter, and (below) a view of The Pines.

The Appleton Temporary Home was a charitable organization, dedicated to the care of men “reduced by circumstances and indulgence in intoxicating drink, who had signed a pledge” – a pledge to abstain. The men spent their recovery time working for the Home by refurbishing and maintaining its buildings and grounds, including stables, a gymnasium and a bowling alley. The Home opened in 1875, and operated until 1881. It was sponsored by the Temperance Society of the Boston YMCA, and had strong support in Needham which had several temperance societies of its own.

Prior to the Appleton Home, the building was home to a private girls’ school, the Oakland Institute, and later a boys’ school called Oakland Hall. Oakland Hall closed in 1870, leaving the building vacant and deteriorating for five years. After the Appleton Home closed, the house was purchased by Mrs. Clementina B. Cummings and converted into a summer boarding house known as “The Pines.” The Pines closed in 1882, and the building was shifted to an adjacent lot at the corner of May Street and Oakland Avenue. It was torn town in 1964 when St. Joseph’s built the current church.

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