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28. The Crest (1013 Great Plain Avenue)

If you are a relatively recent resident of Needham, you must often be puzzled by long-time residents’ frequent and affectionate references to The Crest, and by the persistent tendency to call all stores at this corner “The Crest,” even though the store itself closed 25 years ago.

The Crest had something for everyone, so everyone went there – cigars and tobacco, greeting cards, magazines, newspapers, candy, ice cream, soda, and a range of general merchandise and sundries. The store was in business for nearly 80 years, from about 1916 until it closed in 1995, so it was a landmark for generations of Needham residents.

The Crest’s building was built – literally – on the ashes of the Odd Fellows’ Hall (Site #26). After the Odd Fellows’ Hall burned down in 1887, the corner was fenced off and abandoned. It took nearly 30 years before a businessman bought the site in 1916 and built the structure that now occupies this corner. The Crest was one of the first stores in the new building, and the longest-lasting.

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