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8. Original Location of Revere Hall (near 30 Nehoiden Street)

Revere Hall (to the left of the Church, with the three chimneys) was built at the corner of Nehoiden Street and Central Avenue, in the heart of the old Town Center.  Also known as Nehoiden Hall, it was built in 1844 by George Revere, a grandson of Paul, for his shoe shop and general store. The large public hall on the second floor was used for official purposes – town meeting, the Needham Lyceum (a series of lectures/debates on topics of the day), and the Civil War recruiting station. But it was also used for balls and banquets, and “all social functions too large for the ordinary dwelling” (as one resident noted in 1857).

The Hall fell into disuse after 1870 when town meeting and official functions were moved to the new “town house” in West Needham (now Wellesley). In 1906, William Carter bought the building and moved it to its current location at 270 Rosemary Street, where he refurbished it into dwellings for workers at his Mill #2 on Rosemary Lake. After Mill #2 was sold, the house was converted into apartments, as it currently remains. Now an unremarkable building on a side street, it was once the most important building in Needham.

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