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12. Blacksmith’s Pond

The Fitzgerald smithy on Blacksmith’s Pond. The Pond can be seen to the right.

Blacksmith Pond was one of several small ponds that formed along small tributary streams such as the Rosemary Brook and Fuller Brook. Others include Rosemary Lake, Trout Pond, Horsford Pond, and the oxbow pond behind Standish Road.

Blacksmith Pond was formed in the early 19th century when the Rosemary Brook was dammed to provide a water source for a nearby hinge factory. It occupied the western side of Nehoiden Street, in the area of Border Road, Meadowbrook Road, and Blacksmith Drive. In addition to the hinge factory, several blacksmith’s shops were built on the eastern side of Nehoiden Street to make use of the water supply, giving the pond its name. In the winter, ice blocks were cut on the pond and stored along its edge; with a good ice house and plenty of straw for insulation, winter ice could be kept available into the summer.

By the early 20th century, the pond was no longer needed for factories or blacksmiths, and in 1935 the dam was removed and the pond was drained. The Brook was channeled into a culvert (still visible along the side of Blacksmith Drive). After the Second World War, the newly-drained land was developed into residential house lots.

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