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The Needham Theatre – The Interior, 1949


    The Needham Theatre – The Interior, 1949

    Thanks to a recent donation of photographs of the Needham Theatre, we have several new views of the interior of the theater in 1949, when it was at its elegant best.

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    The domed Lobby, showing the clock and the chandelier.  The Exit door led out to Dedham Avenue.
    The Lobby and Entrance.
    The Lobby, leading to the Foyer. The doors to the theater itself were in the Foyer to the right; stairs to the Balcony were to the left. The doors at the back led to the Coat Room.
    The Stairway off the Foyer, leading to the Balcony and restrooms.
    The Concession Counter. This was a later addition, and not part of the original 1926 lobby.
    The Stage.
    The Theater, as seen from the front of the Balcony.  The ceiling was coffered and painted, and the frieze around the walls bears the names of famous poets, actors, composers, and playwrights.  The shields on the walls bear the monogram NT (Needham Theatre).  The arched organ lofts above the exits were later replaced by the smaller organ in the orchestra pit.
    A similar view, from the back of the lobby, shows additional decorative tapestries on the walls, and the modeled plaster brackets below the beams.  Some of these brackets were rescued before demolition, and one is now on display at the Needham History Center.
    The theater interior, as seen from the Stage.
    The Needham Theater – Exterior and Street Views, 1915-1958

    A Last Look Before Demolition

    Theater Programs and Ephemera