Highlights from the History of Needham in 100 objects
Needham Trust Co. Robbery
February 2, 1934
Metal, chrome, and glass
Parking lamps for a 1932 Packard.

The Needham Trust Company bank was robbed on February 2, 1934 by the Millen-Faber gang from Boston. The members of the gang were brothers Murton and Irving Millen, Abraham Faber, and Murton's wife, Norma. They timed

The gang held up the bank with machine guns, wounding two of the clerks, and briefly taking one hostage. During their escape, they killed two members of Needham's police force, Forbes McLeod and Francis Haddock, and they wounded fireman Timothy Coughlin. The robbers had chosen Needham because they thought the rural police force would not be capable of stopping or catching them. They surveyed the town, and made their plans carefully, timing the robbery by the train schedule, so that the train crossing Great Plain Avenue would hinder the police trying to reach the bank. They fled the scene in a 1932 Packard.

A real estate agent later testified that three men in an expensive 1932 Packard drove around town with him a few days before the robbery, claiming that they wanted to rent a house. The car was later discovered on a quiet road in Norwood. The robbers had tried to burn it, but it was solidly built, and enough was left intact to trace its owner. These parking lights are said to be from that car.

The gang escaped the police and made their way to New York, where they checked into a hotel. Norma, however, made the mistake of sending her mother a postcard which identified the hotel. The robbers were quickly caught, and the men were tried and executed. The autographs in the book were collected at their trial by a member of the prosecution team.
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Parking lamps for a 1932 PackardParking lamps for a 1932 Packard
Autograph book and headlampsAutograph book and headlamps