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Calendar & Events, 2020 – 2021


Calendar & Events, 2020 – 2021

PLEASE NOTE – Due to COVID restrictions, we will be using online resources (Zoom) for our Programs until further notice.

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2020 – 2021 EVENTS CALENDAR:



September 10 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm – Patriots & Pirates: NC Wyeth in Needham

Gloria Greis, Executive Director, Needham History Center.
Artist NC Wyeth raised his children “to live like patriots and think like pirates” – to be vigorous and self-reliant, but to be rooted in the values and history and traditions that made America a beacon. Much of Wyeth’s art also reflected this attachment to an American idealism that grew out of his own family history and his lifelong love of Needham.

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September 22 (Tuesday) at 1:00 pm – Women’s Suffrage in Needham

Gloria Greis, Executive Director, Needham History Center.
August 18, 2020 was the centennial anniversary of ratification of the 19th Amendment, giving women the right to vote. There has been a lot of discussion this year to hear about the national and statewide efforts to achieve women’s suffrage – but this talk is an opportunity to look at how Needham responded to the national debate, and how our citizens and our leaders, and even a few surprising allies, took part.

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October 18 (Sunday) at 2:00 pm – Quack or Fact?

The Grounded Goodwives.
The history of medicine is filled with stories of strange tonics, outlandish remedies, and curious “cures.” Toads, snails, mashed potatoes, mandrake, and bear grease were commonly prescribed. While some of these ingredients sound crazy, there’s logic behind many of them! For instance, snake oil hasn’t always been just a euphemism for quack medical treatments. For centuries, oil from the Chinese water snake was an actual treatment used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve joint pain. Today, we know that snakes are a rich source of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), an omega-3 fatty acid containing anti-inflammatory properties. Join Ehris and Velya for a funny and factual exploration of colonial “quackery.”


October 20 (Tuesday) at 1:00 pm – The Fuller Bird Journals

Gloria Greis, Executive Director, Needham History Center.
Timothy Otis Fuller (1845-1916) was a self-taught naturalist, who spent years studying the plants and birds of Needham. Fuller’s observations of Needham’s birds were kept in field journals, illustrated with his finely-detailed watercolor paintings.  The Needham History Center owns Fuller’s bird journals, dating from 1904 through 1912.  In these, he recorded detailed comparisons, notes on habitats, and an annual census.  He created a priceless record that is not only beautiful, but can be compared to current data, to evaluate the changes in local climate over the last 100 years.

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November 4 (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm – Plenty of Monetary Stimulus! Geopolitical Tensions, Election Uproar, Pandemic Economy – What to Do?

Bruce Johnstone, Fidelity Investments.

This presentation will discuss the current state of the economies around the world, with particular focus on potential corporate profits growth in the U.S.  Given the economic outlook, the presentation will attempt to create a narrative for the stock and bond markets.  Geopolitical factors (world event risk) will affect the odds of both the economic and the markets outlook.

CLICK HERE for a .pdf copy of the slide deck



December 6 (Sunday) at 2:00 pm – Jack Frost’s Winter Wonderland Holiday Variety Show

Big Smile Entertainment. 

Great Singing and Wonderful Costumes – and all that makes winter fun and festive! Jack celebrates the Winter Holidays in this fun-filled musical variety show: Let it Snow, Let it Snow! –  that’s Jack’s motto!  Holiday music to get us all in the mood – Sing along with your family!



January 18 (Monday) at 7:00 pm – Historic Haunts.

Jeff Belanger.

History IS a ghost story! Come explore the ghosts of the White House and other historic buildings and haunts with Jeff Belanger!  For over 20 years, Jeff has been exploring the unexplained. He seeks out history, folklore, ghosts, monsters, and legends all over the world and in your backyard. Based on Jeff’s popular book: Who’s Haunting the White House? plus work on his weekly podcast and his Emmy-nominated television series on PBS and Amazon Prime, the program presents highlights from America’s most notable haunts and legends tied to history that shaped a nation and the world.



February 21, 2021 (Sunday) at 2:00 pm – Enslavement in Needham: Reckoning with a Difficult History

Rev. Catie Scudera, Minister, First Parish in Needham Unitarian-Universalist
Gloria Greis, Needham History Center & Museum

It happened here: many of Needham’s eighteenth-century founding families were enslavers, and the historical record was “whitewashed” or buried after slavery was abolished in Massachusetts in 1783. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. observed, “We are made by history.” Join us for a discussion of the role of enslavement in Needham’s history, and how its effects are shaping our current ideas of community and justice. This program is sponsored by the Trustees of the Needham Free Public Library in memory of former director Vivian D. McIver.

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February 25, 2021 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm – Fireworks! Illuminations! Cheers!

Gloria Greis, Needham History Center & Museum

We love to complain about transportation, but the transportation systems that we love to hate have played an outsized role in the creation of the town we know.  From its strategic position alongside the coach roads, to the “streetcar suburb,” to the Commonwealth’s “smart growth” agenda, Needham’s geography and economy have been shaped by our unusually-rich access to the roads, rails, and rivers.

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March 17, 2021 (Wednesday) at 7:00 pm – Drink Me, I’m Irish

Tammy Coxen, Tammy’s Tastings

Get ready for St Patrick’s Day with an online cocktail class from Tammy’s Tastings. Learn about the history of Irish Whisky and how it differs from bourbon or Scotch. Explore cocktails with other ingredients from Ireland like Bailey’s Irish Cream and Guinness Stout. No green beer, but there might be a green cocktail or two! You’ll receive a recipe list ahead of time so you can pick the drinks you’d like to make, and can follow along step-by-step as mix master Tammy Coxen demonstrates the essential cocktail mixing skills you need to know.



April 10, 2021 (Saturday), 9:00 am to 3:00 pm – Pansy Day Festival

Pansy Day is back! We will have pansy plants of all sizes — flats, potted and hanging in an array of vibrant colors. Members of the Needham Garden Club are creating beautiful containers to adorn patios and porches. Items from the History Center Gift and Heirloom Shops will also be available for browsing and purchase.  To allow for proper distancing, the sales will be held outside on the lawn.  More HERE.

The Needham History Center would like to thank Garrett Graham, owner of the Needham Garden Center, as the major sponsor of Pansy Day and Roche Bros. and Volante Farms for their generous contributions to this annual History Center fundraiser.


April 21 at 7:00 pm – The Great Molasses Flood

Michael Manning, Boston Harbor Now

Learn about the Great Molasses Flood of 1919 – its causes and the devastating impact it had on Boston’s North End Neighborhood.

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June 2 (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm – The Needham History Center & Museum Annual Meeting

Via Zoom. Details TBA.